Sculptum Est Prosa: The Voices of Genius (Volume 1)

Sculptum Est Prosa is a unique collection of poems that present views on the synthesis at the edge of inquiry into the world around us… the study of the simple and the complex. Drawing on the physical sciences, anthropology, psychology, religion, philosophy and the arts, Ivan Kireevskii offers a unique and disquieting perspective as he reshapes the words, thoughts and theories of some of the greatest thinkers of times past to the brightest of present day.

We find ourselves in a bewildering world… we want to make sense of what we see around us. In the wave of doubt, today, there are fires both of sentimentality and skepticism… where truth can only be momentary. We comfort ourselves with an illusion of predictability. We fantasize that we can manipulate the world around us by the imaginary forces that we have invented.

Astronomers peer into the heavens, mathematicians devise elaborate theories, physicists construct complex machines, and philosophers search for the ultimate answers and indeed, the ultimate questions…

Kireevskii’s poems are haunted by their voices… in which their words have been sculptured to harmonize.

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Sculptum Est Prosa: The Voices of Silence (Volume 2)

This volume explores the range and uses of quotations, echoes, and allusions drawn from thousands of intertextual instances that Kireevskii has recognized in his work. The principal interest of the echoes examined here lies in the revaluation of the poet and the theoretical issues his varied use of them suggests.

Through echoing, Kireevskii embodies and explicates his assertions of continuity in human development, his vision of interchange between the mind and nature. As a poet, he is a person who constantly experiences, sees, hears, suspects, hopes, and dreams extraordinary things; is struck by his own thoughts as if from outside or from above and below, as if by his type of events and lightning bolts; is perhaps a storm himself, pregnant with new lightning; and is a fatal person in whose vicinity things are always rumbling, growling, gaping, and acting in uncanny ways.

Listen very carefully because Kireevskii writes in a very symbolic form, and unless you are very alert in reading his words, you may miss all the implications. The reason why he is so symbolic is that he is so full of new insights and he has so much he desires to share and to give.

As with a hermit’s writings, you can always hear something of the echo of the desert, something of the whisper and the timid sideways glance of solitude-a concealed philosophy where every opinion is also a hiding place, every word is also a mask.

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Sculptum Est Prosa: The Voices of the Unpeople (Volume 3)

In this third volume of his Sculptum Est Prosa poems, Ivan Kireevskii captures the events and forces prompting the disheartening loss of millions of lives while examining the connection to geopolitical and economic interests of today’s global powers. Within poems haunted by the voices of political leaders, writers, historians, scientists, philosophers, thinkers, world citizens, and activists of all kinds, Kireevskii reflects on human tragedy while exploring the causes and effects and their consequences.

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Sculptum Est Prosa: The Voices of the Oceans and Trees (Volume 4)

The world sits on the precipice of social unrest, economic uncertainty and a pandemic of historic proportions. We are at a place as a civilization that has up to now been conjured only in the works of fiction. But here we are. I have to ask, how much of this has been brought due to our own selfishness, greed, and total disregard for our planet and the plight of our sentient kin and one another?

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Sculptum Est Prosa: The Voices of the Bankers and the Thieves (Volume 5)

The inherently divisive and exploitative nature of capitalism, is readily apparent when one draws back the curtain of the global banking system. One peak reveals their inner workings, where it becomes clear that it looks less like a legitimate business enterprise and more like a criminal syndicate running a lucrative extortion racket.

In the Wall Street economy, money is both means and end, and the primary product is phantom wealth — money disconnected from the production or possession of anything of real value.

In our era of deregulation on Wall Street banks have moved away from their traditional role of providing loans to consumers and businesses. Instead, they have created a new business model that specializes in charging excessive fees and usurious interest rates, provides excessive leverage for risky bets for hedge funds, extracts subsidies and bailouts from governments, launders money from drug and arms traders, and use offshore accounts to hide their profits.

While the middle class melts away, banks have profited at every step. The forty-year experiment of “trickle-down” economics has favored the interest of Wall Street speculators, but has been a dismal failure for the average working man and woman.

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